Shannon Suschill
Shannon received her 200 RYT in 2016 from Bellingham-based Power Yoga Academy with an emphasis in power and vinyasa style yoga. Shannon fell in love with yoga 5 years ago, first coming to the practice to find a little Yin in her very Yang based life. Shannon has spent her life in fitness and movement, including gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, softball, running, and biking. She started yoga as a supplement to these high intensity activities and was completely blown away by the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits yoga gave to her life.

Shannon is passionate about teaching the basics of vinyasa yoga, creating fun and rigorous flows, while offering modifications to always honor a sustainable yoga practice. Expect music, hands on assists, and a little sweat in Shannon’s classes. Shannon strongly believes in yoga as medicine for the body and mind and the powerful nature of community. Off the mat, you can find her hiking, backpacking, hula hooping, wandering, and cuddling her cat.