40 day yoga challenge

Our 40 Day Challenge has concluded for 2018, but we’ll start up again in 2019! Stay tuned!

Anyone can join!

You don’t need to have a studio membership to participate in Living Your Yoga: A 40 Day Yoga Challenge! We’re SO excited to offer this to everyone who comes to Flow Motion as part of their yoga practice. One of our very own community members, Paula Stratman, felt inspired to start up and lead this challenge!

Join the challenge for $25

Your $25 fee includes participation in our 5 Weekly Accountability Meetings in the Co-Working Lounge as well as addition to our Challenge Board!

Please note: the cost of 40 classes in 40 days is not included.

How it works: 40 Yoga Classes in 40 Days!

1. Stop by the front desk to sign up anytime between our New Year Open on January 6th and our kick-off date of January 14th!

2. Starting January 15th, attend as many yoga classes as you’d like at Flow Motion. Browse our calendar here.

3. Every time you complete a Yoga Class, Yoga Workshop, or Yoga Barre class, place a gold star next to your name on the 40 Day Challenge Board!

4. Just $25 allows you to join all 5 Weekly Accountability Meetings hosted in the beautiful Co-Working Lounge. It’s the perfect way to stay inspired, motivated, and connected for the whole challenge!

5. To go even deeper in living your yoga, purchase the compelling book that inspired us to do this challenge! If you’re a Flow Motion member, you can enjoy the copy in our Wellness Library while enjoying the Relaxation Lounge.

6. Connect with us on Facebook by joining our Facebook group! It’s the perfect way to keep conversation flowing between meetings.

With big thanks to Paula Stratman!


We’re so grateful for Paula’s inspiring and radiant presence at the studio as a member of our community! Paula will be facilitating the 40 Day Yoga Challenge as well as leading our 5 Weekly Accountability Sessions.

About Paula

Paula began pursuing the power of yoga in 2000 through regular practice and a meditation routine. She found a deeper longing for self-care and craved a spiritual practice. She found balance by incorporating her love for yoga into her professional life as a School counselor incorporating yoga and mindfulness into social emotional lessons and after school yoga enrichment classes. Paula is proudest of the work she is doing with the next generation of yogis. She assists them in increasing their self-awareness so when they enter the world they have a better understanding of their place in it. We are all living our yoga!

In her free time you can find Paula knitting and creating art, playing board games with friends, or walking her dog at Hovander. Her family consists of: one husband, two children, two cats, one dog, one chicken, and one very loud bantam rooster. She enjoys her hobby farm and likes to garden and entertain.

“My devotion to my personal pursuit of yoga has grown over the last 17 years, I hope that you will join me for the Living Your Yoga: 40 Day Yoga Challenge. We will be exploring a different weekly topic throughout the challenge to help provide a theme for our practice; this will include a weekly mantra, meditation guide, and short community meeting once a week. I can’t wait to meet you!”

– Paula Stratman


  • 5 Consecutive Weekly Meetings on Sunday afternoons, for book discussion and accountability! Only $25 for ALL 5 Meetings.
  • 40 Gold Stars to place on our Community Challenge Board
  • Led with love by our very own student Paula!
  • Stay connected and inspired between classes in our Facebook group.
  • Get to know fellow students on a deeper level!
  • Choose from a wide range of Yoga classes and styles taught by an amazing array of instructors.
  • Your favorite Yoga Barre & Yoga Workshops count too!
  • 40 in 40 days gives you the flexibility to take a day off if you need to!
  • Anyone over 18 is welcome to join.

Sign up online!

Reserve your place in the 5 Weekly Accountability Meetings by logging into your free Wellness Living client profile, with free app for iPhone and Android. Then, we’ll know to expect you for the challenge! You can also browse all our yoga classes online and easily reserve your spot.

Are you a punch card holder?

40 Yoga Classes in 40 days is just ONE of the incredible examples of the value we give to our members! That’s access to 40 classes in 40 days for only $99 + tax a month. You can read all about our membership options here. And if you’re wealthier in energy than in dollars, don’t forget that you can join our Energy Exchange Program and receive a Silver Plus Membership!

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