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We encourage every student to take a variety of classes to discover which instructor’s method works best for you! Just like our student body, every instructor has a unique style and story… it’s part of what we love about our community!

Alyssa Springs

Alyssa Springs is the owner of Flow Motion, a wellness sanctuary in Ferndale, Washington. Alyssa brings love & passion to her business that is welcomed by her students & clients. An artist, traveler, business owner & optimist at heart, the seeds of Flow Motion were planted while Alyssa was earning her degrees in Business Administration & International Politics from Penn State.

Naturally curious, Alyssa stumbled upon, quite by accident, a wonderful opportunity to learn about different parts of the world by exploring a culture’s dance & music outside of college textbooks. Hear Alyssa’s inspirational story about the founding of Flow Motion Studio.

Laura Orso

Laura Orso has called Bellingham home for over 20 years now. After an injury, she began practicing yoga initially to alleviate low back pain she was experiencing. Several months into her Vinyasa/Power Yoga practice not only was her back pain gone, but she was overall stronger in body, mind, and spirit.

Determined to give back this wonderful practice, Laura attended Power Yoga Academy led by Melissa Longfellow and graduated RYT-200 in January 2016. Her hope is that she can help her students find something positive out of their yoga practice, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or in spirit.

Caroline Snijder van Wissenkerke, LMT

Caroline provides relief from your pain and tension, whether it came into your life all of a sudden or has been with you forever and a day. Using her hands to “listen” to the body’s tissues, her massage sessions can blend deep pressure with more gentle and subtle techniques to create greater ease of movement and facilitate the body’s natural healing processes. She is also trained in intraoral massage to treat jaw, head, and neck issues more effectively.

Her passion for massage is rooted in a fascination of the complexity and incredible capacity of the body to persevere in spite of life’s challenges. Caroline received her education in massage therapy at Discoverypoint School of Massage, Seattle. Before that, she received a B.S. in Biology from UC Berkeley.

Caroline is passionate about empowering her clients to have greater choice in their well-being. She loves discussing self-care ideas so you can keep functioning well off of the massage table. Currently training to become a Restorative Exercise Specialist ™, Caroline is enthusiastic about teaching the importance of natural movement so you can work, play, and live at your full potential.

​WA State License #60578350

Lyndsey Cunningham

Lyndsey is an avid learner, health care professional, and passionate yoga instructor. In a world where the stress of modern-day life wreaks havoc on our bodies and minds, Lyndsey believes yoga is one of the most powerful forms of preventative medicine we have against disease. Lyndsey holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration, and has spent her career improving the way health care is delivered to communities. As a busy professional herself, she loves to create space in her classes for students to leave their stresses at the door, so they can fully relax, heal, and grow through their yoga practice.

Lyndsey completed her RYT-200 training in June 2013 at a hot yoga studio in Vancouver, WA, which featured intense study and practice of the Bikram-style 26-posture hatha series. You will typically find her in the hot room, as she has been hooked on the detoxing benefits of infrared heat since her first hot yoga class in 2012. She is passionate about the science and healing benefits of this series, and aims to teach it in a way that is accessible to students at all levels. Before that, Lyndsey originally started practicing yoga at home in 2002, where she discovered it as an outlet for stress relief and a break from high-intensity sports training.

Lyndsey also teaches (and practices) power/vinyasa style yoga and restorative yin. She loves to lead challenging, playful, and introspective classes to facilitate healing in people- both mentally and physically. One day, Lyndsey hopes to complete additional training with a focus in therapeutic yoga in order to help first responders and military personnel heal from PTSD. Always learning, you can usually find her immersed in books and online trainings studying Ayurveda, nutrition, and of course- yoga.

In her spare time, Lyndsey enjoys practicing hot yoga, reading, kayaking, snowboarding, painting, adventuring, and spending time with her husband and dogs.

Elena Ivaschenko

Elena is a very enthusiastic and energetic person who is passionate about life. She has been teaching Jazzercise for the last 13 years. She is very dedicated to Jazzercise, which combines dance moves, focuses on cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. Jazzercise helps her to cope with life’s challenges. She loves music, and to dance and interact with wonderful people. She loves her job and feels rewarded when she uses her energy to lead classes and is received with so much positive energy.

Elena had practiced yoga for many years when she decided to become yoga teacher. She recently finished 200 hours of Anusara teacher training with the wonderful teacher Alexis Britton. Anusara yoga is a modern-day Hatha yoga which means “flowing with grace,” and “following your heart.” By always looking for the inner goodness in everyone, you also feel focused on bliss and joy in your yoga practice and your daily life.

Elena’s yoga classes combine a focus on alignment with playful and creative sequencing of postures, leading participants to find a relaxing and energizing union between breath and body. She encourages them to link breath with movement, and to explore the benefits of yoga at their own pace. Elena believes that yoga, like life, should be approached with love, care, and humor. After taking classes with Elena, anyone should feel good about themselves and about life.

Elena adores life, her beautiful kids, and loves to be and laugh with friends and family. She loves the opportunity to teach Jazzercise and Yoga classes to dedicated and appreciative clients and friends!

Jasmine Barnett

Jasmine Barnett is a 200-Hour Certified Yoga Instructor with an emphasis on power vinyasa style inspired by the teachings and methodology of Baptiste Yoga. Jasmine has been practicing yoga for over ten years after a friend suggested she try hot yoga to improve her running practice. Jasmine’s teaching centers on the transformative healing power of yoga. After suffering a severe shoulder injury in a car accident, Jasmine credits yoga with restoring her body to full integrity and flexibility. Through teaching yoga, Jasmine hopes to instill in her students the foundations of Baptiste yoga methodology and to find their own inner strength both on and off the mat.

When Jasmine isn’t teaching or taking a yoga class, she enjoys running, cycling, reading, traveling and trying to keep up with her four-year old son and Maltese terrier.

Michele Nagy

Michele is an international Essential Oil Educator and doTerra Wellness Advocate. She loves to empower people to move toward a natural and healthy way of living using essential oils. She believes that we can improve the health of our homes and lives by using the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Essential oils are simply one aspect of the elements. When we are in tune with nature, we are in tune with ourselves, with other people, and with the universe.

Michele teaches weekly essential oil classes and special make-and-take essential oil crafting workshops at Flow Motion every week, in addition to leading monthly special events. As William Shakespeare once said: “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.”

Michele is also a Reflexology Student in the process of obtaining her official certification. In the meantime, all sessions are completely free for the remainder of 2017! You can visit Serene Footfalls Reflexology for more information on booking your free session at Flow Motion – it’s the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon in the Relaxation Lounge or Zero Gravity Lounge with a cup of Yogi Tea!

Lisa Thomas

Lisa became interested in Massage Therapy after experiencing the benefits massage could offer when she sprained her back at work. Massage helped with its healing and she was able to return to work earlier than expected. Lisa became hooked on massage as a way to improve my overall wellness. She graduated from Northwest School of Massage In 2012. She competent in a variety of techniques ranging from Swedish to Deep Tissue.

Lisa will customize a massage to alleviate your aches and pains while infusing relaxation through every stroke. Relaxation is an important part of the healing process. Massage is a great way to combat the stress of day to day life.

Lisa enjoys traveling and exploring new places.  She also does crafting of all kinds. Family time is her favorite, whether it’s playing in the yard, board games, or movie nights, it’s always great just to be all together.

Kate Richmond

Kate has been in love with yoga from the first time she ever unrolled a mat. She has been practicing for 11 years and has been teaching since late 2017. She was given the opportunity to attend her teacher training when her youngest was just 9 months old and she must say that although it was an incredible challenge, her heart knew it was (and still is) a life-altering experience. To do what you love and radiate good vibes is what keeps her grounded every single day. Her little boys are now 2.5 & 4, and her family- husband Shaun and boys Clark & Duke- moved to Bellingham from Vancouver, BC last August. She is so thankful she’s found such a lovely & powerful yoga community that has welcomed her in with open arms.

Kate loves being a teacher, a mama, a wife, a good listener, a food-taster, a runner, a friend, and a yogi.  Her favorite mantra is “What you seek is seeking you.” And it has never been truer for her. She is so thankful she gets to be a part of the Flow Motion community and looks forward to connecting with all of you.


Sarah Willett

Sarah is interested in yoga that gives back to the student and empowers them to live their best life on and off the mat.  She is an E-RYT 200, and has been teaching for 5 years. Her teaching disciplines include Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Trauma Informed, and Children’s Yoga.  She has taught for the Parks Department, City of Bellingham, Non-profit ministries and shelters, teacher training retreats, community women’s events, MOPS, and various fundraiser race days.

Sarah’s personal experience and teaching style is to “Lean in and Lead up”. Lean in a little closer to all that you are and listen closely to the body that carried you into today. Lead up to your greatest calling, starting with the very breath that takes you there, and let the postures of your life be ever changing, seeking new acceptance and peace in the body.

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