infrared hot yoga classes NEW!

Detox on a cellular level

We are so excited to offer the first Infrared Hot Yoga from Canada to Mill Creek! This gentle heat technology is amazingly therapeutic. Infrared has the potential to ease joint pain, muscle tension, and improve your skin’s appearance. Infrared heaters convert light directly to heat without raising the air temperature. Just like natural sunlight, your body will absorb the heat directly!

Because of the lower air temperature and lack of humidity, Infrared Yoga is the perfect therapeutic environment for students with respiratory issues. And since this technology does not recirculate air in order to warm the room, airborne bacteria and pathogens are dramatically reduced.

Because infrared heat is so ideal for the body, hospitals use the technology to keep premature babies warm! You’ll benefit from increased circulation, muscle flexibility, enhanced collagen production, and strengthening of the immune and cardiovascular systems. Infrared causes your molecules to vibrate, expelling toxins, fat and impurities from your cells into the blood stream, then released through sweat. The result is a cleansing detox at a cellular level.

In our hot yoga studio, you’ll sense a gentle heat increasing in your body as you move. You’ll love the serenity of the space and the energy of the glowing himalayan salt lamps.

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Our room is heated between 95-105 degrees with light humidity. We offer spring water to refill your water bottle & towel service, including refreshing chilled towels! Showers are available in the building, located downstairs. We have loaner mats, but strongly recommend for hygiene purposes that your bring their own mat & a yoga mat-size towel!

NEW! Synergy of energy and flow

Hot Power Vinyasa yoga is a class that will leave you feeling energized, strong, relaxed, and at least a little bit sweaty. Infrared heat and the vigorous, quick-paced flow will warm the body from the core outward, releasing toxins and energizing muscles. The primary focus of this Power Vinyasa class is to connect each breath to one movement, creating a synergy of energy and flow within the body and mind.

The upbeat pace of the class will be matched to the upbeat tempo of music played throughout, and students will be challenged to find depths of their practice they never before thought possible, whether that be physically or mentally. Please come to class with a water bottle, towel, and an open attitude for transformation of both your physical and mental bodies!

***Please note: minimum age is 16 years old.

Challenging Bikram-style sequencing

The perfect complement to flow yoga, this class blends Bikram methodology with traditional Hatha. Each class will consist of a series of 26 poses designed to challenge your balance, mental focus, and strength. Famous for it’s ability to tone and sculpt as you are challenged to sustain poses for extended periods of time, Bikram yoga is your opportunity to take your yoga practice and physical strength to the next level.

Intentional + centering yoga

Enhance your practice through this intentional, centering style of yoga teaching. Hatha yoga will provide you with ample opportunity to stretch, unwind, and release tension while being coached through yogic breathing techniques. Emphasis is placed on mindfulness and alignment of the body for an intentional, safe experience. Poses are both sustained for brief periods of time and sequenced for a great introductory yoga experience.

Synchronize your breath to movement

Vinyasa synchronizes movement to the breath: the Sanskrit is literally translated as meaning “connection,” channeling the power of breath and flowing movement. Often, this style is referred to as “flow yoga” because of the smooth way that the poses run together. The breath becomes an important component as you move from one pose to the next with an inhale or upon an exhale: rarely is the body still.

Vinyasa is both a great place to start for beginners and for those who seek continual challenge. Your synchronized breathing as you flow through the Sun Salutations will relax your mind and release any blockage of energy flow throughout your body.

Breathe through every slow asana

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures held for longer periods of time to achieve a deep stretch and state of relaxation. You will be laying on your mat for most of this class. As you breathe through the asana, you will be invited to move deeply into the pose; finding your body’s “edge.” By creating and then working through this tension in the body, we find release, healing, and mental clarity. Great emphasis is placed on breathing through each asana. Instructors encourage practice and patience as your body releases into each pose with the aid of breath and focused attention.

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