himalayan salt sauna

Himalayan Salt Sauna 

The Ultimate Infrared Experience 

Our Himalayan Salt Sauna is a hybrid system, much like our infrared yoga room. The air is gently heated with a traditional dry-sauna heater and the walls are covered in infrared panels. Also noticeable in this sauna are the pink Himalayan salt bricks, surrounding you with nature’s gift of negative ions, giving you the ultimate in relaxation during a deeply therapeutic experience. 

Himalayan Salt Sauna

Himalayan Salt Sauna

Himalayan Salt Sauna

Built with Comfort in Mind 

We built our salt sauna so you’ll want to spend time in it. We built the bottom bench in the Himalayan salt sauna so it’s wide enough to lay down on and the top bench has a reclined backrest so your muscles can relax and soak up the heat. It’s comfortable! Chromotherapy allows various color selections across the salt walls for mood and relaxation.

Traditional Sauna Meets Infrared Technology 

Since infrared wavelengths don’t heat the surrounding air temperature, the salt sauna is heated with a traditional dry sauna heater to 120 degrees and the walls surrounding the cedar benches are covered in infrared panels. While infrared heat doesn’t raise room temperature much on its own, infrared heat is absorbed by your body when you sit in front of the infrared heaters- just like when you go outside on a nice sunny day. After 10-15 minutes, you’ll feel an increase in body temperature, effectively making the salt sauna feel 10-15 degrees hotter than it is. While it may feel like 135-140 degrees, the air is much easier to breathe at the lower air temperature.

Sweat. Detox. Relax. Infrared is widely known for the health benefits of aiding in the body’s own healthy inflammation response and gently easing discomfort, aches, and pains. The Himalayan salt sauna at Flow Motion is the most unique infrared sauna in Ferndale, Bellingham, or anywhere in Whatcom County!

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the book club


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Totally free + anyone can join!

You don’t need to be a member to participate in The Book Club! We’re SO excited to offer this to everyone who is a part of the Flow Motion community. Our book club is headed up by a member of our Energy Exchange Program, an invested group of students who are helping grow and enrich our community! Please note: The Book Club participants must be over 18.

Discover LOCAL authors!

In The Book Club, you’ll discover a new book every month. Every other month features a local author – LIVE at The Book Club for discussion and exclusive Q & A! At every monthly gathering, you’ll delve into discussion about all your favorite wellness topics with fellow students and yogis! During the meeting, you can enjoy hot Yogi Tea in the light & bright Co-working Lounge.


  • Books will touch on personal development through the exploration of mind, body, and spirit topics.
  • LOCAL authors will be featured every other month! Bring your book copies for a special signing.
  • Led with love by our very own Energy Exchange Students!
  • Keep conversation flowing between meetings in our Facebook group.
  • Get to know fellow students on a deeper level!
  • Choose from a morning or an evening meeting time.
  • Enjoy complimentary Hot Yogi Tea from our tea bar!
  • Anyone over 18 is welcome to join.

With big thanks to Rachel Brockschmidt!

We were so excited when Rachel enthusiastically offered to lead our very own Flow Motion Book Club!

Rachel has a lifelong commitment to learning and growing. Rachel joined the team as an Energy Exchange Student in August 2017. Through the program, she enjoys the benefits of practicing at the studio as a student while also running the monthly book club.

Rachel enjoys tending to plants, collecting crystals, practicing yoga, writing music, and working in theatre as a makeup artist and scenic designer. She recently graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre, and a minor in Classical Studies. Her favorite yoga class at the studio is Hot Yoga Yin, her favorite stone is lapis lazuli, and her favorite poet is Rupi Kaur.

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