studio policies

Membership Billing & Cancellation Policy

All of our memberships bill automatically on the 1st of every month. Memberships must be paid in full each month before you attend class or receive service for that calendar month. Future services will not be provided until your past due month is paid in full. Membership cancellations must be made via email to 30 days before the start of the next billing cycle. Memberships not properly cancelled are still the financial responsibility of the student. Please note, cancellation requests made in person, verbally, to a front desk person, to any staff member, via social media or messenger, text, or phone call will not be accepted as your membership cancellation and the date requested via these methods will not count toward acceptable cancellation notification. Please understand no exceptions can be made for any reason.

Appointment Policy

You are responsible for scheduling your appointments independently through your Wellness Living Client Profile. Any services included in a membership expire at the end of each month. Unused appointments do not roll over into the following month. In order to serve all of our clients in a timely manner and offer as much booking availability for you as possible, it is important that you arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin. If you need to cancel your scheduled session, we ask that you log in in to your Wellness Living client profile and reschedule your session from there. If you do not do so before the required 24 hour notice, the session included in your membership will be forfeited. For appointments not included in a membership, you will be billed for the full value of your missed appointment.

No Children

We do not allow children unattended in classrooms or elsewhere in the studio while parents take a class or utilize other studio services. Exceptions may be made if children are also paying students who are attending class themselves. Children may also take a class if they definitely have the attention span to participate for the duration of class without being a disturbance to others. Minors under 15 years of age are not permitted in Hot Yoga. If your child does participate in a class, Flow Motion Studio may request feedback from the instructor or other attendees to ensure the experience went smoothly for all involved.

No observers

Respectfully, we ask that you do not observe a class in session. Observation causes our students to feel uncomfortable and creates a distraction for them that detracts from the experience. Guests may either pay & attend the class or, wait in our comfortable lobby with a cup of tea! Guests may not sit in the classroom and play video games, work from a laptop, etc.

Ensure your new client paperwork is in order

As your wellness & fitness sanctuary, it is very important that we retain a completed set of client paperwork for everyone. If it is your first visit, please arrive early so that you have ample time to complete and thoroughly read your new client form as well as the signed waiver. Minors must also complete their new client paperwork and have a parent sign their waiver.

Fitness classes require foot protection

We are located in the historic Carnation building in Ferndale, WA. As part of its character, our studio has original century-old fir floors. We ask you to be cautious during classes traditionally taken barefoot. Proper footwear is mandatory in dance, dance fitness, and fitness classes. We request that the entire sole of your foot is covered and, for some of our class offerings, proper athletic sneakers are worn. Students who choose to go barefoot do so at their own risk.

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