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Arrival Etiquette

Welcome! Please check-in at the front counter before each class, even if you’ve RSVP’d. We ask that all students respect class start times. To give yourself the absolute best experience possible, we recommend that you arrive 5-15 minutes early to get settled. We unlock the classroom doors 15 minutes before class start-time so you may get settled.

If class is full and there is a wait list, we reserve the right to give your RSVP’d spot away to students in our lobby 5 minutes before class, so we may start on time. Please understand that arriving late causes a disturbance to your fellow students. For this reason we may turn away anyone more than a few minutes late.

Booking Etiquette

RSVP’s are highly encouraged to guarantee your spot. If class is cancelled (snow day or instructor illness), RSVP’d students will be notified for your convenience!

When booking classes, please be intentional with your bookings. If you have RSVP’d for a class and cannot make it, please be courteous to your fellow students and cancel your RSVP. No-shows mean an empty spot in class that someone could have positivly benefited from that day. No-shows and late cancels after 2 hours prior to class are charged a $14 fee (members included) or a class deducted from your punch card. 


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