Winter Wonderland Gift Gala Vendor Details

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Please read the below information and then look for the Application Link at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

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The WWGG is an experiential event that features a variety of sensory experiences for a true “Winter Wonderland” feel for event guests. This benefits vendors by shoppers staying longer, walking past your booth more than once, increasing opportunity for sales:

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  • Free Admission
  • Shopping with a diverse variety of crafters, artisans, & local businesses
  • A Chocolate Buffet
  • Hot cocoa bar
  • Live holiday music & carols
  • Beautiful holiday décor & scenery
  • Children’s storytelling
  • Pictures with Santa & Mrs. Claus

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Vendor booth fee: $130 (read on to learn about our Chocolate Buffet discount opportunity!)

Booths are 6 ft. space, with enough room to fit your own 6 ft. table. Seating is behind your table (tables NOT provided). You must fit everything into or behind your space. If extra space is needed you can purchase another booth (please select a quantity of two during checkout). Booths include one folding chair. You must bring everything you need for set-up & display.

No items from your booth may be tacked or taped to walls & all items must be contained within your booth space.

Vendors are responsible to collect & submit your own sales tax.

Electricity is available for an additional $10 fee for the whole weekend. Please purchase electricity at time of registration as you’ll be strategically placed on our vendor map. You must bring your own extension cords and tape them down.

Vendors participating in the WWGG must be set up both days of the event with a representative staffing the booth from 10am-6pm Saturday & 10am-4pm Sunday. Volunteers will be around often to help with breaks!

Please note: no refunds or exchanges are given 60 days or less before the event.

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Chocolate Buffet + Discount Opportunity:

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Vendors who contribute bite size or individual serving sizes of items for the Chocolate Buffet may use a booth registration discount code for a reduced vendor fee!

Please use discount code: CHOCOLATE2017 for a $35 discount on your booth space.

Chocolate Buffet: Vendors accepting the discount should bring items that incorporate chocolate in bite sizes, individual pieces, or sample sizes. This will be featured in our advertising & is a large draw each year. Have fun with what you bring! A sign-up sheet with examples will be posted on the Vendor’s Corner Facebook group page, so collaborating vendors can offer a nice selection.

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Event Production & Advertising:

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A true community event – where every penny counts!

As always, EVERY penny of your vendor fee goes toward event production, promoting, marketing, & advertising for this event. There are no proceeds or profits pocketed by Flow Motion, any individual, or organization, so each year the WWGG is a show vendors are enthusiastic to participate in due to increased traffic & sales year over year. Flow Motion pays out-of-pocket for the professional marketing & graphic design services contracted by Jade Consulting!

Methods of advertising:

Our marketing plan includes aggressive Facebook ad campaign leading up to the WWGG, ads placed on Discover Ferndale (area’s leading online news presence), flyers, postcards, vendor packets for our vendor community to distribute at prior shows & events, word-of-mouth, our letter board road sign with thousands of cars passing by each day, custom sandwich-board signs out by the road the weeks before the event, sandwich-board signs by each off-ramp of the highway on the day-of, and listings on several online & free print media event listings. The WWGG is also promoted to the Flow Motion student/client community & its 1,300+ newsletter list. Flow Motion is an active member of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce & the event will be shared through that community as well.

The Ferndale “Shop Local” Campaign

Vendors who are a member of the Ferndale Chamber of Commerce are invited to participate in their “Shop Local” campaign during the Gift Gala and display the Shop Local signage. Shoppers receive a punch card. For every $10 they spend at a participating merchant they will receive one punch on their card. When completed they drop their card at the last merchant. Completed cards are picked up by the Chamber and winners are drawn for weekly prizes. It helps encourage shoppers to think local and buy small! They also tend to purchase a little more if it helps them get another punch on their card. Memberships for the Chamber are pro-rated through the remainder of the year, so vendors who are interested, please contact Alyssa Springs for help or more details to participate in the additional “Shop Local” perk!

Become a part of the community!

After registration, vendors become part of our community & are asked to make a conscious effort as part of our collaborative team to do their part with word-of-mouth advertising about the WWGG. The WWGG is built on community involvement & the joy the entire season brings. Each year we do our best to exceed vendor expectations, take feedback into consideration, & improve each year. With this, we ask you to become part of our community & actively share your participation with your own community by sharing the Facebook event page, personally invite your friends to stop by, & we ask that you help post flyers in locations you have access to. We do a great job putting flyers & tacking postcards up on public bulletin boards, but we can always use your help by posting at your workplace on employee boards, your family church community boards, & your favorite business or restaurant where we do not have access. Our postcards are designed for tabletop display as well as tacking a few up on boards for people to take! Each vendor will receive a promotional packet in the mail after registration for these purposes.

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Load-in, Set Up, & Tear Down

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Once you arrive, come find us at the Flow Motion front counter to check-in. You’ll bring both your raffle prize donation & Chocolate Buffet item (if applicable) at this time & receive your vendor packet with your booth location & begin setting up.

Booth spaces are assigned. Switching booth spaces with another vendor is not allowed.

Set-up begins at 4pm, Friday December 8th. Please bring all items, including your 6ft. table, extension cords, or anything else you need.

Set-up times: Friday 4pm-8pm & Saturday 7am-9:30am

Please quickly unload your items & move your car so other vendors can unload. Please note all cars should be moved no later than 9:30am the day of the event. *All vendors must park at the BACK of the parking lot on the days of the event to allow parking for customers! An aerial map for parking & loading/unloading will be mailed to you along with your promotional packet.

Vendors are responsible for securing their valuables during the show and overnight. Flow Motion is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables or merchandise.

Please note we are located on the second floor of a historic building with no elevator. There is a loading dock at the back of the building to make hauling easier. The loading dock is actually on the floor we are on, so it’s easy! If you have a lot of items, it’s a longer but easier walk via the loading dock. Taking the stairs is shorter, but up a flight of stairs. Please plan accordingly.

Do not begin packing or tearing your booth down until the very end of the event at 4pm Sunday. There are no exceptions. Tearing down early causes a chain reaction and an unpleasant, rushed shopping experience. This hurts your fellow vendors who would miss out on sales when shoppers begin leaving. Please treat your fellow vendors as you would like to be treated.

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Vendor Feedback:

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We always welcome feedback from our vendors so we can improve the WWGG each year. You’ll be provided a feedback form on the last day of the event to complete & return. We appreciate any constructive criticism & ideas.

NEW opportunity for 2017 vendors: we will choose ONE 2017 vendor to receive a complimentary booth space for the 2018 WWGG who contributes an experiential idea on their completed feedback form (ex: chocolate buffet, Santa Claus, live music, etc.) that we can use to increase marketing and attendance! There is no limit to how many ideas you can suggest & if we implement YOUR idea for 2018, you get a free booth! In the event we pick more than one idea, we will hold a drawing to pick the winner of the free booth.

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Please apply using the application below! We’ll respond within 2-3 business days to let you know if you have been accepted to this event.


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Once you have been accepted as a vendor, please follow the instructions below:

We’re so excited to have you at this year’s event! The links provided below will take you directly to the online store for Flow Motion. If you’ve never been to Flow Motion before, it will prompt you to create an account & sign a general liability waiver.

Important: If you’ve been here before please use your email/password from last year & do not create a new account.


Santa’s Workshop Booth Spaces

These booths are in our main room where the majority of vendors will be located. Please note your space is a 6ft size (tables not provided). If you need additional space, please consider purchasing a second space.

Register & buy a booth in Santa’s Workshop here.

Winter Wonderland Hallway Booth Spaces

These booth spaces are located in our hallways. Please note the hallways are a little cooler in temperature than our main room, but will give you a little more room to breathe with your setup. This would be an excellent option without buying another space if you have a little rack or if your booth has décor that extends past your 6ft. space. *Please note your chair will be BESIDE your booth & not behind your booth.

Register & buy a booth in the Winter Wonderland Hallway here.

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After you make your booth space selection, return to the store to continue shopping from the “Vendor Registration” tab to select electricity ($10/booth) if you need it or to be included on the vendor map by donating an item for our raffle (free).

Chocolate Buffet Discount

We thank vendors who contribute chocolate items to our chocolate buffet by giving a $35 discount per booth space. During the checkout process, be sure to enter discount code CHOCOLATE2017 to receive $35 off each booth space! Thank you!

Raffle + Vendor Map

Vendors have the option of donating an item to our raffle to promote their businesses. Vendors participating will be added to our vendor map, which is given to each guest as they walk in the door. They visit all of the vendors on the map, have each vendor initial or stamp, & then turn it in at the front counter for their free raffle ticket. Please select “Vendor Raffle” if you’d like to donate an item to the raffle in order to be included on the vendor map during checkout. There is no cost for participation!

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Mailed Print Promo Packet

A print promotional packet will be mailed to you that will include 5 color flyers, color postcards, along with a copy of all the details of the event that you’ll need. Lastly, we’ll also mail you a color aerial view of our building so you’ll know exactly where Flow Motion is located, where to unload for set-up & where to park.

We appreciate your help in putting up flyers in places we may not have access to: workplace bulletin boards, your church bulletin board, or a space you haven’t seen our flyer in yet! If you’d like more than 5 flyers, please reply to this email and we’ll mail more. Postcards will be included so you can tack some up with the flyers for people to take. They’re also great to hand out at vendor events you’re participating in or setting out on counters at the places you frequent.

Emailed Digital Promo Packet

After you are accepted into the Winter Wonderland Gift Gala, you will be sent a confirmation email with your registration links. You will also receive a professionally designed set of graphics designed exclusively for this event for your unlimited use on social media promoting your participation in the gala.

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Thank you for joining us!

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If you have any questions, please start by directing them to the Facebook Group page: Holiday Gift Gala Vendor’s Corner so that others may benefit by your question.

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Looking to contact Alyssa directly?

Studio Phone | ​360.393.8829

Email Alyssa |

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Vendor Registration – WWGG Winter Wonderland Hallway Booth Space

Vendor Registration – WWGG Santa’s Workshop Booth Space

Vendor Registration – Raffle

Vendor Registration – Electricity