yoga transformation course

A course rooted in the transformative teachings of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Taught by our very own Summer Cushman, M.Div., C-IAYT

Summer is an artist, minister, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist. A spiritual seeker her entire life, Summer believes that authentic yoga practice has the power to change everything. Watch the video below to learn about everything Summer has to offer YOU in this powerful course!

So what can you expect from this transformative, deeply practical course?

You desire practical tools to help you deal with your ever changing emotions and ever moving thoughts. You crave a grounding force that can help you deal with the anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, fear, attachments, etc, you experience in some form or another everyday.

You hunger for more meaning in life—for a richer sense of your own spirituality (whether you ascribe to a particular religion or not).

You want to be part of a community exploring meaningful questions together.

The practice of yoga has long offered students the potential for transformation. Yoga, known mostly as a practice of physical postures, is a vast array of tools and teachings. Yoga is a psychological philosophy and a spiritual science.

But most importantly, yoga is deeply practical and accessible.

Yoga provides tools for self-understanding that can be adapted to meet the needs of every individual. It offers tools to help us live in the complicated, stressful, too busy modern world.

Through the practice of svadhyaya (self-study) we will explore how the teachings of yoga philosophy and the tools of yoga practice can help us build awareness and build and harness energy.

We’ll also examine and transform habits, live with intention, and deepen our spiritual life.

We’ll simply approach life from a more grounded, calm sense of clarity.

Would you benefit from integrating these teachings and tools into your yoga practice, everyday life, and relationships? Are you seeking practical tools and guidance?

About the curriculum

This course is focused on the 1st two chapters of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. But we will also touch on a few Upandishads and the Bhagavad Gita. Together we will ask and wrestle with big questions.

  • Questions of identity
  • How the mind works
  • What to do about the reality of suffering
  • How to deal with tough emotions
  • How to find refuge for our heart
  • How to increase our discipline and transform habits
  • How to design or refine your personal practice
  • Teachings from the ancient texts of yoga
  • Recommended book list with suggested readings for each session
  • Integrated practices & guided meditation
  • Support for your personal practice
  • Full color, hand drawn journal pages for your continued self reflection
  • Sanskrit glossary pages of important terms and concepts

“The ancient teachings of yoga are life changing and I look forward to exploring them with you in community!”

– Summer Cushman, M.Div., C-IAYT

Registration Cost

The course includes 36 hours of in-person class time as well as free registration to the online version of the course (a $299 value), which gives you ongoing access to all course material, practice recordings, and community.



Register by December 20th and SAVE $50


A student perspective on this powerful offering

Yoga for Transformation opened me to a whole new realm of possibilities, both personally, spiritually, and emotionally. It let me see that all I needed was right here before me, and that I needed to get past the barriers I set for myself to see the full realm of possibility. I am better at noting my thoughts, and assessing them for what they are, living in the present, and breathing (probably the most important part). While I still drift away from my practice periodically, the grounding I received in that very first session with Summer, and other sessions that followed, continues to pull me back, but also gives me the strength to take even bigger leaps into more intensive study and reflection.” -BL

“I have taken yoga classes off and on for over 20 years. Taking Summer’s classes led me to discover that what I had thought yoga to be – the physical asana practice – is only one small part of what the classic practice of yoga has to offer. Taking Summer’s Yoga for Transformation class two years ago was a watershed moment that fundamentally and positively altered my life. Summer helped me develop a deeply meaningful personal practice that has provided me with the tools to engage authentically with my daily life and the people I love, know myself better, and be intentional about the choices I make. With Summer’s support and guidance, I have worked successfully through the conclusion of a troubled relationship and am working more deeply now on meditation and reflection in my practice to guide next steps for my career and personal life. Summer is gifted both as a teacher and non-sectarian spiritual guide; her grounding in yoga studies and her own avid search for engagement and authenticity are inspiring. I feel so fortunate – and blessed – to have Summer as my teacher, and grateful to yoga, which has given me the framework to find joy in authentically living in each new moment.” -DA

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